About Us

Valuehorizon is the Caribbean's leading resource for intelligent information on regional stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We combine innovative technology with industry expertise to deliver criticial financial information to decision makers across the Caribbean.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Valuehorizon?
  2. Valuehorizon is a premium financial research service that provides you with data and analysis on mutual funds, fixed income and equities in the Caribbean. Our data are available through our online database (updated daily) as well as through our monthly journals. We combine powerful software with detailed information to create research that is accurate, transparent, and incredibly comprehensive.

  3. Who is Valuehorizon?
  4. We are a team with a diverse set of professional and academic backgrounds including computer science, mathematics, economics, accounting and finance. Our team members have worked for banks, investment firms, regulators, corporate advisories, audit firms, and hedge funds. See our team page for more information.

  5. Who do we help?
  6. We provide financial institutions with a wide range of tools and information that facilitates better research, analysis and decision making. Specifically, we have tailored our data solutions to the following roles :

    • Investment Managers;
    • Investment Bankers;
    • Risk Managers;
    • Marketers;
    • Auditors;
    • Consultants and advisors;
    • Brokers; and
    • Regulators.

    Our data is also well suited to assist individual investors in making educated investment decisions.

  7. Do you give investment advice?
  8. No. Valuehorizon offers a comprehensive research database and an analytical toolkit that allow you to make better financial decisions. We do not make these decisions or recommendations for our users.

  9. How accurate is the data?
  10. All data are tested and believed to be correct. Although the accepted industry best-practice is that a data vendor does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of its datasets, we perform rigorous quality control testing on them. Further, all our raw data are distributed with supplemental documentation or sources. We advise users to always confirm the price of a particular investment with a broker or other party executing its sale, purchase or redemption, as appropriate. Valuehorizon can supply non-confidential data sources upon request.

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