Unit Trust Corp. (UTC) Calypso Macro Index Fund

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* Returns are bid-bid with the reinvestment of distributions (unannualized).

The fund's price is adjusted for the distributions reinvested on the Reinvestment Date.   Distributions are accrued according to the fund's Accrual Frequency.   Price data are forward-filled on weekends, holidays and other no-quote days.   Returns are not load-adjusted. Bid-to-Bid return is used where applicable.   The Growth of $10,000 (y-axis) is shown using a logarithmic scale.

Fund Description

The Unit Trust Corp. (UTC) Calypso Macro Index Fund is a equity mutual fund domiciled in Trinidad and Tobago. The fund was launched in 2016 and manages an estimated $528.9 million (TTD) in assets (as at 2017-06-30).

According to the fund's prospectus, its investment objective is "to seek to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the local stock market with each Unit, granting investors: (i) the performance of the companies that comprise the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange All T&T Index; and (ii) diversified listing of global energy companies through investment in the Global Energy Index."


Trustee NA
Manager NA
Administrator NA
Sponsor NA
Advisor NA

Fund Details

Fund Status: Active
Asset Category: Equity
Peer Group: Equity Funds - TTD
Sub-Peer Group: None
Benchmark: None
Domicile: Trinidad and Tobago
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
NAV Type: Listed Price
Minimum Investment: 1,000.00
Minimum Add. Investment: None
Distrib. Frequency: None Specified
Distrib. Accrual Frequency: None Specified
Fractional Units Allowed: Yes
Share Type: Closed End
Inception Date: Jan. 4, 2016
Assets Under Mgmt: TTD $528,853,000.00 (Jun 30, 2017)