Equity Data Platform

Don't just track investments - Improve Them. More than simple performance tracking, Valuehorizon's equity analytics delivers the independent insights, analysis, news, and research you need to understand portfolio performance across the Caribbean region and improve your financial outlook.


Valuehorizon's unique combination of qualitative and quantitative analytics tools is the most complete in the regional mutual fund industry. Our returns-based mutual fund analysis solutions provide reports and charts that help you study a fund relative to a benchmark, competitor fund, or peer group. Additionally, the ability to perform fundamental analysis through the use of detailed financial metrics further enhances the value of our analytics toolkit. Full features include:


We calculate performance metrics for each fund covered, including standard returns, growth of $10,000, and risk data such as volatility and Sharpe ratios.


We assign benchmarks to funds based on our published methodology. Funds are compared to the benchmark and the correlation is computed. Further, we use the fund-benchmark relationship in various risk measurements.

Historical Data

The historical data of fund includes its NAV streams as well as distributions paid out by the fund. You can explore price changes and examine the historical distributions - both as an amount or payout rate - of the particular fund.

Financial Statements

The fund financial statement provides all the numerical and fundament data of a mutual fund. From here you can view income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and any miscellaneous data deemed worthwhile (including subscriptions and redemptions). Also you will be able to perform comparison between funds of a similar peer group. We also crunch select financial ratios with comparables. All financial statements are carefully standardised based on our published methodology.

Insights and Analysis

Our users can crunch financial ratios (such as income, expense and activity) as well as view returns over time and examine performance risk of the chosen fund.


Valuehorizon tracks holdings data. This includes the holding asset class, portfolio percentage and market value (or estimated value). We examine trends in holdings over a fund's life as well as amongst its peers.


We provide a wealth of meta-data on fees & expenses, management, stewardship, assets under management, minimum investments, etc.

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