Mutual Fund Data Platform

Don't just track investments - Improve Them. More than simple performance tracking, Valuehorizon's mutual fund analytics delivers the independent insights, analysis, news, and research you need to understand portfolio performance across the Caribbean region and improve your financial outlook.

Sales & Marketing

Valuehorizon helps sales and marketing managers differentiate their products and highlight their individual strenghts. Our peer group analysis tools and benchmark information provide the data necessary to boost any marketing effort by showing where a fund stands in the market relative to others. Managers will be able to:

1. Disseminate Research Efficiently

Stay one step ahead and gain an edge in what's taking place in the Caribbean mutual fund industry. We allow you to perform detailed market analysis from one central, independant datasource.

2. Get Information to Your Clients Faster

Our mutual fund analytics allow you to provide rich information and recommendations to clients and potential clients about what would best suit their needs in a dynamic fund environment. Managers can enhance pitches and sales promotions using our fund analytics tools.

3. Share actionable insight

Valuehorizon enables managers to provide charts, news and other forms of content with clients and their internal team to better coordinate overall marketing efforts.

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