Mutual Fund Data Platform

Don't just track investments - Improve Them. More than simple performance tracking, Valuehorizon's mutual fund analytics delivers the independent insights, analysis, news, and research you need to understand portfolio performance across the Caribbean region and improve your financial outlook.

For Regulators

As an independant financial data services provider, Valuehorizon is able to offer regulators bias-free information through our web tools and monthly journals. Our discussion on matters of topical importance provide a direct finger on the pulse of the current state of affairs in the regional mutual fund market.

1. Complete and Efficient Source of Financial Data

We provide coverage of all regional mutual funds including news, content and data beneficial for comparisons and reviews. All data sources are provided, and we work with clients in both verification and QA testing of data veracity.

2. Content Provider

Valuehorizon examines regional fund activity and publishes insighful analysis on trends, patterns and anomalies that may provide useful reference points for regulators in the regional mutual industry. Our algorithms flag strange activity, and highlight growing trends that may be hidden without a robust toolkit.

3. Consultancy

Thanks to our large datasets we are able to offer consultancy and research services to regulators seeking data on specific market related activities or other areas of relevant interest.

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